72407 I had to take a little break from blogging a bit. I came on and read some other blogs but I had about zero motivation to write anything. That’s really all it was….just kind of in a personal funk. I’d like to promote my current renter, This is a really interesting blog that I have been checking out pretty much daily since I found it. And since it has to do with sports, it’s all the better! So check it out and leave some good comments.

I’ll be back writing soon on a regular basis.


Hey buddy.. Your site never ceases to amaze me..
Have you got the HTML code for “stat leaders”.

I’ve tried to get it myself but can’t get it to work properly.

Hi Bobby,

I have to agree with Dave. Great job and I will check out that site you mentioned above.How did you add the baseball clock?


Baseball is the greatest sport I know. But to me, on a par, is football (soccer to most of you). The greatest show on Earth (The World Cup) starts on Friday.
It is still bigger than the olympics.

I will be starting a totally new, non-baseball, blog for the duration of the competition.

Please, one and all, come and join in the fun. Even if you know feck all, or even dislike the sport.

It will be a fun 4 weeks folk..

Come and have a look at a recording of Derek Jeter on Letterman

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